The Magical Research Association (or MRA for short) is an antagonistic group in the world of Fairy Tail, and seek to create Chaos Magic to use as a weapon.

Magical Research Association (MRA)

Mysterious Scientist


The development of Chaos Magic


The MRA is a group composed of mages who sought to create a unique breed of magic - Chaos Magic. They then intended to use this magic as a weapon to throw the world into chaos.

The researchers at the MRA discovered that, in order to harness Chaos Magic, an individual must be capable of utilizing both Light and Dark magic. In order to develop the magic; researchers abducted roughly fifty children who they believed would be suitable for the research. Each of the initial children was given a number, ranging between #0 and #52.

For several years, these children were subjected to torturous experiments at the hands of the MRA researchers. Many died, and others were driven to insanity. To compensate for the numerous losses, the MRA kidnapped an additional ten children, and continued their research. After roughly sixteen years of experiments, and only seven surviving test subjects, the MRA researchers managed to discover Chaos Magic within one of the subjects; #37. This revelation came about at about the same time as #37 realizing that he had the power to escape captivity, and he did so. Releasing the test subjects imprisoned alongside him and murdering any researcher he could find, #37, calling himself Seth Knighthorn, decided to do whatever he could to get revenge on the organization.

Role in the story

Known Members

  • Lead Scientist - The leader of the MRA; this is a being draped in complete mystery, only being mentioned when they give out an order to retrieve the escaped test subjects.
  • #22 - One of the test subjects that was subjected to brainwashing, and thus remains loyal to the MRA.
  • #28 - Same as #22.


  • #12
  • #37/Seth Knighthorn - The only test subject confirmed to harness Chaos Magic. Caused the release of the other subjects and death of several scientists.
  • #38/Spring - A female test subject who escaped alongside Seth.
  • #49

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