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Magic Scalpel
Magic Scalpels





Martin Mashira
Michaela Mashira

Magical Scalpels, are magical weapons that are used by Martin Mashira and his daughter Michaela Mashira. They are basically scalpels which are infused with the magical power of the caster to increase the lethality, this can include creating a sharpwer edge, forming a sword etc. When using the scalpels they appear to be surrounded by a blue energy. Michaela stores them in her sleeves.


Michaela's Spells

  • Boomerang Scalpel: Michaela throws a spinning scalpel at the enemy which may hit first time or miss and come back, hitting the foe from behind.
  • Sparking Spike: Michaela slashes two scalpels together, which then fires three duplicate scalpels at the foe.

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