Mars Rouges
Mars Clive
Name Mars Rouges
Kanji マーズ 赤
Romanji Māzu Aka
Race Human
Birthday August 1st
Age 30
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Black
Hair Red
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Three scars over his eye
Professional Status
Affiliation Fiore Royal Military
The Navy
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Captain
Previous Occupation Unkown
Team None
Partner Tatsu X (Co-worker)
Base of Operations The Naval Base
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Advanced
Magic Crash
Sword Magic
Flaming Sword Style
Alias Bringer of Destruction (破棄の盗み, Haki no nusumi)
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Mars Clive (マーズ赤, Māzu Aka) also known by his monicker The Bringer of Destruction (破棄の盗み, Haki no Nusumi) is a powerful mage and Captain of the Fiore Royal Military, he is also the co-leader of The Navy alongside Tatsu X.







Ryū no Ha (龍の歯, lit. Dragon's Tooth) : his saber. It has the ability to strangely absorb Mars' magical energy and create fire, which is used in his Flaming Sword Magic. It is longer than an average katana with a decorated guard and handle, the hilt has green wrapping on it and it is kept on his left side in a black sheath

Magic and Abilities

Crash (クラッシュKurasshu): A very dangerous and high-levelled caster magic. It allows the caster to literally smash anything that they come into contact with into pieces. It can be used to crack magic into pieces and even nullify it's effects. He is also more in control of his magic than others, this is due to his more calm and focused mind.

Sword Magic: He also has shown skill with his sword. He is able to combine great speed with his swordplay to increase his offensive strikes and also defensive. He rarely uses it as it is too boring. He prefers to use his fire-based variant.

Flaming Sword Style: His prefered and own style of sword magic. It allows him to incorporate the element of fire into his sword and use it as an extention of the blade itself. It has been stated that the caster doesn't need the knowledge of fire magic to be able to use this magic but has to use magical energy to create fire.



  • I originally thought due to Shanks looking like Gildarts I should make them brothers but then changed to him using crash instead
  • His sword's name is a reference to how a dragon breathes fire like his sword.