Megumi Kyonami
Megumi Kyonami
Name Megumi Kyonami
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romanji Meiguumi Kyonami
Race Human
Birthday 7th March
Age 14
Gender Female
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Blood Type {{{blood type}}}
Professional Status
Affiliation Lamia Scale Guild
Previous Affiliation {{{previous affiliation}}}
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation {{{previous occupation}}}
Team Team Star
Previous Team {{{previous team}}}
Partner {{{partner}}}
Previous Partner {{{previous partner}}}
Base of Operations Lamia Scale Guild
Personal Status
Marital Status {{{marital status}}}
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Education {{{education}}}
Alias Envoy of the Beads
Magic Bead Magic, Precognition Magic

Megumi Kyonami is the newest addition to the Lamia Scale Guild and a potential S-Class Member. She is also a member of one of the top teams: Team Star. She also tends to slap Jean because of his consitent overconfience and due to her superhuman strength , he usually ends up with several brokn bones or isslammed into a wall. She also seems to love large rewards as she gleams with delight at the sound of one. Also during the Admission Arc it is shown she has severe Haemophobia, meaning she becomes paralyzed when se even sees blood and sometimes she even faints.




Introduction Arc

Death's Head Caucus Arc


Magic and Abilities

Bead Magic : This is her primary magic which allows her to control her beads for various purposes. These purposes include seperating each bead and setting them to explode, or be control telekinectically. She can also extend themlike a whip and control their movement. She can also perform rituals with these beads, like summoning a ghost or opening a mystical portal.

Precognition Magic : This is her most useful magic. It is also a very rare magic which only few people in the entire world can use she is able to predict the moves of her opponent, giving her an avantage and with her intellect she can then come up with a counter move.

Shikigami Magic : She is also able to utilize a magic which allows her to summon paper dolls, and then make them take on the form of huge demons which act as her bodyguards. One has an axe and the other one can utilize ice magic.

She also has several spells which are related to herself.

Yobidasu-(呼び出す, Invoke) This spell allows her to summon a ghost, using her body as a projector. The spirit then appears from her as an astral projection.

Dokusho-(,読書, Reading) This spell invloves her looking into the target's heart and 'seeing' what it is they most desire, fear and truely mean.


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