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Melpomene 2




Parent Magic

Emanation Magic


Atrax Noctua

Melpomene (メルポミーン Merupomiin) is a Valde Class Emanation Magic Spell of the Chaos Arts.


Atrax claims Melpomene to be one of his most useful spells. By holding his hands together and then diverging them, Atrax creates a cubical splitting void around his target using æther. The sequestrated space then pulls energy from whatever it may be - a spell, a mage, magic item, etc. and from there Atrax can either absorb about a third of the energy taken or redirect the energy in its entirety at the foe. The spell's drawback is the amount of energy it can steal is directly proportional to the size which is directly proportional to Atrax's magic imput. If used incorrectly, the spell could cost more energy than it absorbs or redirects.


Melpomene Noire

Melpomene: Noire

Melpomene: Noire (黒メルポミーン Kuro Merupomiin) is the Noire Class advancement of the Melpomene Spell. Instead of the spell becoming an eight cornered shape, it is a 48 cornered shape which is much larger in size. The proportions to the amount of energy it can absorb or redirect are even further in favor of the wielder than a normal Melpomene.

Melpomene Etereo

Melpomene: Etereo

Melpomene: Etereo (空気のようメルポミーン Kūki no you Merupomiin) is the Etereo Class advancement of the Melpomene Spell. The spell now takes are large spherical shape capable of absorbing a greater amount of energy from its target to absorb or redirect, even more so than the Melpomene: Noire Spell.

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