Michello is the third seat of the Magic Council.


Michello has an extremely bizarre appearance with sand hair, cat ears and moustache. He also has a tan coloured tail and wears a blue shirt with blue tiger stripe markings on it, black trousers and shoes. He also carriers around a walking stick.


He has a calm and collected personality but also can be cold and maniacal like when he said he voted for the Quatro Cerberus Guild to be Disbanded.

Magic and Abilities

Being a member of the Magic Council he is an exceptionally powerful mage.

Cat Magic

his main form of magic revolves around his cat like appearance.


Supersonic Hearing: his feline ears allow him to hear a conversation from miles away.

Stripes Torture: he creates a magic circle in front of his hand and stripes shoot at the enemy and stick to them in the style on his shirt and tighten around his body causing intense pain

Nya Shot: he creates a magic circle in front of his mouth and emits a loud meow and it creates a huge blast of sound waves that destroy things.

Paw Cannon: he thrusts his hand releasing multiple paw bubbles in it's wake and on impact it causes extreme damage.

Slapping Paw Cannon: he rapidly thrusts his palms releasing multiple paw shaped bubbles that are fired at the foe and deal damage.

Bear Shock: he releases a giant bubble resembling a paw that is thrown at the foe that creates a huge explosion when it comes into contact and bursts into hundreds of smaller bubbles and they explode as well.

Repel: he waves his hand repelling any attack.

Paw Shot: he creates a paw bubble in front of his hand and creates a magic circle in front of it and fires a concussive beam of yellow light


Tail Extention: he can extend his tail to bind objects and block attacks.

Hammer: he can use his his walking stick as a hammer

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