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Milena Richards
Milena Main 2
Name Milena Richards
Kanji ミレーナリチャーズ
Romanji Milena Richards
Race Human
Birthday May 5
Age 37
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Weight N/A
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type A
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Fiore Royal Military
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation General
Previous Occupation Captain
Team None
Partner Oros Richards (on occasion)
Base of Operations Military HQ
Personal Status
Marital Status Married to Oros Richards
Relatives Oros Richards(husband)
Viana Richards(daughter)
Education Military Academy
Magic Sword Magic
Speed magic
Alias None
Image Gallery

Milena Richards (née Medici) is a veteran General in the Fiore Royal Military. She is very well respected among the miltary and quite famous. She is a well known sword mage as well. Also Milena is married to Oros Richards, one of the famed Commanders. They work together now and again, but try to keep work and relationship seperate. In spite of that, Milena made sure to be stationed at the same place as her husband, specifically the Headquaters of the Military.


Milena has blue eyes with long eyelashes and her waist-length blond hair is noticeably curled at the ends despite being otherwise relatively straight. Her lips are clearly defined and depicted as being rather full. Though slender, Milena also sports a somewhat of a muscular build, which gives off a clear air of command and confidence Milena is noted to be very attractive among the military's men, but she doesn't care for compliments on her looks from anyone not her husband. Unlike most of the elite officers, she wears an old style uniform with a thick overcoat on top. Her sword is almost always on her. Also Milena is exceptionally tall for a female, standing at 5 foot 9.


Milena is a firm but understanding woman. It's these traits that have helped her advance in the ranks of the Military. She rarely bends the rules when on official business, and usually does not show mercy if not needed. Milena is said to have a stare that strikes fear into her some of enemies. Because of her looks, on ocassion, enemies have underestimated the extent of her abilites; have in turn, paid dearly for that misake. Like Xena Daniels, she is another female officer that many of the female soldiers of the military look up to. Also Milena and Oros try not to work together, as to keep their marriage and life as a soldier separate. In spite of this, they make a unbreakable tag team. Which lead Raimo to say "Oros, with Milena by his side, is unbeatable".


Magic and Abilities

Milena stands as one of the top Generals of the military, both in combat prowess and in leadership quality. She mainly relies on her swordsmanship in combat, her skill in said field being her initial claim to fame. Milena boasts swordsmanship skills of the highest class; has a good deal of battle experience.

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  • Her appearance is based off of Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • According to Raimo, Oros cannot lose with Milena by his side.
  • In her youth, Milena had a bit of a rivalry with Kai Vista, who is now a good friend of hers.

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