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Muscle Magic



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Muscle Magic (筋肉魔法 Kinniku Mahou) is a Caster Type Magic created and used by Fury.


A magic that enhances the user's muscles in order to produce various effects. Fury primarily uses it to harden his muscles it can increase physical prowess and durability enabling him to defeat their opponents faster and take more damage. The user can also manipulate the muscles in a far more complicated way in order to achieve agility, flexibility and dexterity that far surpass the human limitations. However, besides the normal drain of magic, there are dangers of physical injury and fatigue, depending on how much magic was used and how.

The strength of this magic is based on the caster's personal physique. If the caster's muscles aren't strong or flexible enough they will not be able to withstand the spells being cast. Fury, in order to use this magic to its fullest potential has completely reworked his entire muscular system through hellish training. From the three types of muscles the human body contains (red, white & pink)Fury's body is made entirely out of pink muscle, which is normally found only in very small amounts. This means that he can use the red muscle's large stamina and weak power with the white muscle's explosive power but weak stamina, giving him a virtually invincible body. Combined with the magic itself Fury can increase all of his physical capabilities (strength, durability, endurance, agility, flexibility & dexterity) far beyond the normal human limitations.


  • Steel (鋼 Hagane): This spell works when Enzo begins to spread magic all over his body through his muscles and then condenses it effectively hardening them, giving the impression that he is made of steel. The effect increases depending on the magic used. However, while he gains far greater physical strength and durability, their hardiness hinder his movement speed and ability to evade an opponent's attack. Should an enemy use magic that is stronger than the amount he has used, he can be harmed.
  • Relax (リラックス Rirakkusu): With this spell, the principle of spreading magic through his body remains the same. Although that is where the similarities end. Instead of condensing his magic and subsequently hardening his muscles, Enzo increases its volume and decreasing the density of his muscles effectively making the more stretchy for a lack of a better term. This allows him to not only move faster, but also control his body and position efficiently. This enables to easily evade complicated attack patterns and counter accordingly.

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