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Nami Kuro
Name Nami Kuro
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Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 133lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
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Professional Status
Affiliation Team Kenshin
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Occupation Mage
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Team Team Kenshin
Personal Status
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Magic Acid Magic
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Nami Kuro is a mage apart of Team Kenshin, who are participating in the Pergrande Tournament. Her team is a favourite to win.


Nami is a beautiful woman, who is well aware of it. She has long, black hair which she ties back loosely, leaving some hair to cover her face. She wears a deep red kimono which she ties with a yellow sash and wears a red skirt underneath. Nami has a very curvaceous body as well. Due to her nature, she is known to make men "swoon" to her will.


Nami is a cheerful and flirtatious woman. She is very outgoing and tries to keep the mood light with her team. Nami is loyal to her comrades, and believes in her leader's, Kenshin, strength without doubt. She has no apprehensions to killing and will be brutal if needed to do so. Due to her calm minset, Nami rarely loses it in battle; can be rather strategic. Nami is very open with her flirtatious nature, making men swoon as some would say. She makes many advances on Wizard Saint, Sanjo Vista, both to spite Lana Kaen, her opponet, and for her own pleasure.


Magic and Abilities

Nami is a very skiled, an S-Class level mage withotu question. She uses Acid magic, which her grea mastery makes even more dangerous. Also Nami is skilled in unarmed combat and is very agile.

Acid Magic


  • Her appearance is based of Akegeinu from Basilik.

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