Magic (1)

Nan Koga

Nan is an S-Class mage of the Quatro Cerberus Guild and leader of team nan.


He appears to be a twelve year old boy of average build. He has black hair which he wears in a pony tail and brown eyes. He also wears blue robe


Nothing is known other than he was an orphan who taught himself magic and joined Quatro Cerberus and became an S-Class Mage.

Magic and Abilities


his magic allows to create light and manipulate light for various purposes.


Gem Bomb: he creates a magic crcle and fires multiple glowing balls of yellow light that explodes on contact

Pillar of Light: he creates a magic circle in front of his hand and the ground in front of him crumbles and a pillar of light rises from it into the sky and this forms a giant dome of light with that is the centre and it solidifies into a substance harder than diamond

Encase: he creates a magic circle below the foe's feet and it makes light wrap around the foe and harden, encasing them in a diamond like substance

Rose Shell: He creates a magic circle in front of his hand and light swirls around the foe in the shape of a rose and then hardens into a diamond like substance

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