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"I would hate to have a boring life. I love dealing with unexpected."
— Nayla

Nayla Josi
Sand Chick
Name Nayla Josi
Kanji して、ジョシ
Romanji {{{romanji}}}
Race Human
Birthday May 20
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Raiz Shop
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Employee of the Raiz Shop
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner {{{partner}}}
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Raiz Shop
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Education Basic
Alias N/A
Magic Sand Magic

Nayla Josi is an employee of the Raiz Shop. She has somewhat of an assistant manager role at the shop.


Nayla is a beautiful young woman of average height with fair yet tanned skin, a curvaceous figure and striking golden-brown eyes. She has flowing long brown hair which she she lets fall over her shoulders.As a child she was something of a tomboy and used to wear her hair short and up until she was thirteen or fourteen years old she was teased by many as being "flat-chested". She used to dress like a boy and would often convince people who were meeting her for the first time into believing that she was indeed a boy. Her fierce nature only helped strengthen these observations. But then she started to develop into the beauty she currently is and started to grow her hair long and dress more like a girl.


In her youth Nayla had a fiery attitude and was headstrong. As a child, she was not fond of her role as a woman. She was often seen by many, especially her family, as a tomboy and was sometimes mistaken for a domestic girl. As she matured her outspoken nature blossomed and her dislike of her responsibilities ceased. Nayla has a strong personality and a bright intellect. She never looks for adventure or rushed into things without thinking. Like her parents before her, she has always wanted to avoid the corruption of politics, and instead concentrate on helping others. When she is not serious Nayla also possesses a great sense of humor.Her fierceness and determination along with her highly dependable nature make her a born leader. When she left home and needed a place to stay, Lloyd Raiz helped her. She personally says she is indebted to him.


Magic and Abilities

Sand Magic

Nayla's Sand Magic

While not much is known at the moment on the extent of her abilities. She uses sand magic. According to Lloyd she is incredibly skilled with sand magic and as a mage overall.


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