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Nazam Karyu
290px-Demon Face
Name Nazam Karyu
Kanji アザム火竜
Rōmaji Nazamu Karyuu
Race Human
Birthday 31st October
Age 14
Gender Male
Height Unkown
Weight Unkown
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Blood Type B+
Unusual Features Large bone helmet, Tear tattoos
Professional Status
Affiliation Ōkina Hozuki
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Wandering Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner Ōkina Hozuki
Base of Operations None, Wandering
Personal Status
Relatives Ombra (Adoptive Father)
Marital Status Single
Alias The Weeeping Demon (泣きの悪魔,Naki no Akuma)
Magic Darkness Demon Slayer Magic, Speed Magic, Sword Magic, Orient Solid Script

Nazam Karyu (アザム火竜, Nazamu Karyuu) is a major protagonist for the story Meaningful Quests and the Demon Slayer of Darkness. He was raised by the Darkness Demon Ombra , who taught him how to read, write and perform magic. His epithet is the Weeping Demon (泣きの悪魔,Naki no Akuma) due to his abilities as a demon slayer and the tear shaped tattoos under his eyes.


As a child Nazam had pale skin and striking green eyes. His jet black hair was untidy and unkempt but his most distinguishing feature was his green tattoos which resemles tearlines going from his eyes. He wore a white robe with several black lines around the hems and on his feet he wore sandals.


He appeared to be rather quiet and shy in his first appearance as a child. He was shown crying over the disappearance of his father until his fated meeting with Okina who tried to console him. He is very protective of his partner as when Beatriz's tree of troubles spell ensnnaredher in it's branches he immediatly became more dark, serious and cold, he then destroyed the tree with almost no effort.


Turn back the clock arc


Nazam Sword

Nazam drawing his sword.

Sword: He has an unnamed katana which he keeps in a seafoam green sheath on his left side. The hilt of the sword is wrapped in a seafoam green similar to the sheath. The guard is silver and has two curved extentions from it's long sides and a line going from both sides giving it an eye like appearance. As a child he also summoned it.

Magic and Abilities

Like his partner, he has had a powerful magical potential even from a very young age. He stated that he learned all of his magic from his father and that he also learned to read and write from him. He is capable of using a sword when it is called for and his skill in holder magic is far beyond mages of S-Class Level.

  • Darkness Demon Slayer Magic: His primary and most deadly magic is his demon slayer magic, taught to him by him father Ombra. It allows him to change his physiology into that of a demon and his style is known as the darkness demon slayer. This allows him to icorporate the element of darkness into his body and his colour is green and/or black. His can also eat and breathe out darknesslike most other slayer magics.
  • Orient Solid Script: A more powerful varient of Solid script. Instead of employing western words in the air he emloys black kanji (colour varied when young). Whatever the kanji reads, the effect will differ such as reading cut, the kanji will cut the target.
  • Speed Magic: He is also incredibly fast and employs his speed with his swordplay to form a powerful combo.
  • Sword Magic: He is also a capable swordsmen. Even as a child he has been able to rapidly slice a tree to pieces proving his abilities. He can also summon a sword from green energy similar to Ultear's spell.


Major Battles

Opponent Allies Outcome
Beatriz MontoyaŌkina HozukiWon


  • His appearance and some of his magic is based on Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach.
  • His Demon Slayer Magic was created by Jet'ika

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