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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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Neige Hyougaki
Frost God Slayer
Name Neige Hyougaki
Kanji 氷河期=ネージュ
Romanji Hyōgaki Nēju
Race Human
Birthday January 7
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 154 cm
Weight 32 kg
Eyes Golden (several concentric circles inside)
Hair All shades of blue
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Tartaros
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Unknown
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Tartaros
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Basic-level
Alias {{{Alias}}}
Magic Frost God Slayer Magic
Thought Projection

Neige Hyougaki (氷河期=ネージュ, Hyōgaki Nēju) is an S-Class Mage in Tartaros, as well as the Frost God Slayer. Her made rank is unknown, but she is shown to be powerful and well versed in other magic arts besides her own Frost God Slayer.


Neige has long hair colored a mix of black, blue, and white with two wavy black horizontal lines along one side of her head. Her eyes are large and amber, with multiple rings inside them. She is most often seen wearing a scarf with vertical zigzag stripes and a furisode with a snowflake pattern along the hem and the bottom of the sleeves. As the sleeves are rather long, she can tie them back at the shoulders to provide greater freedom of movement during battle.

Personality and Traits

Despite what her element of ice would suggest, Neige is quite a cheerful person, shown to be outgoing and surprisingly friendly. She is able to light up even the gloomiest groups, though her happy-go-lucky attitude can also become annoying to those around her.

Neige treats fighting a lot like a game, and wants to have fun with her opponents, often failing to take a battle seriously. She does however, take her opponents seriously, never underestimating them even when they think she is mocking them.

She has a strange attraction to shiny objects, and is more than willing to take away particular shiny things and hoard them away, similar to a Magpie. She will not return what she takes, and often becomes very defensive when people approach her "collection".



Magic and Abilities

God Slayer: Neige's brand of magic is that of a God Slayer, a form of Slayer Magic that is above the Dragon Slayer. Due to being of a higher level than a Dragon Slayer, it is difficult for a Dragon Slayer of a similar element to Neige to consume her magic. Neige's element is Frost, which allows her to incorporate the element of ice into her body, and she can produce pure white ice as she pleases.

Thought Projection: Neige is capable of using Thought Projection magic in a unique way, being able to project "new environments", such as making a desert seem like a forest, or plunging light into complete darkness, taking it's status as illusory magic to a new level. She can also use it in the standard manner, creating a doppelganger of herself.

Enhanced Durability: Despite her fragile looking build, Neige shows that she is able to take quite a few hits before she collapses.

Enhanced Speed: Neige is also noted to very fast, which makes her useful in combat. She is able to easily run circles around many opponents, and loves to use her speed to play "games".

Enhanced Smell: Neige also has enhanced senses, similar to a Dragon Slayer, outright stating her nose is as sharp as a dog's.


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