Aeon Spirit


Aeon Spirits


none, key kept by Lao Shu


Origin Crash Magic

Niu the Ox is the Aeon Spirit of the 12 Jade Key, she tends to leave her key in the possesion of Lao Shu the Rat. In ancient times she was refered to as a Juggernaut due to her strength.


A fairly tall woman (likely one of the tallest Aeon Spirits) with a voluptuous figure, she has a set of cow-like horns, ears and tail.

In her animal form, she is a large black water buffalo.


A fairly steady and hardworking individual, she has a calming aura about her that would be unexpected from someone with her appearance. She typically shows off a blank stare as though she were daydreaming and is slow on the uptake. She is very trusting of others and tends to take things at face value, she is also quick to apologise for minor mistakes.

She has a good relationship with Lao Shu, being the most loyal to him and listening to him as though he were an older brother. He frequently rides on her shoulders when they travel together.


Magic & Abilities

Definately the Strongest of all the Aeon spirits when it comes to brute force, in her basic form (with no magical enhancements) she could manhandle even experts of the "Titan" magic with sheer physical power. That said though, she is fairly slow to react to most stimulus in the battlefield with her thick head and even thicker skin that can defend from even the most potent weaponry. Her own movement speed isn't bad though, particularly when moving in a straight line charge, although not much use against moving enemies, but all that is just her own physical attributes.

Origin Crash Magic

Niu's magic is known as Origin Crash Magic, the ability to break and crush objects by simple touch. Unlike the Human use variant of Crash magic, Niu's actually has less variations in its use (she is unable to do some of the tricks Gildarts has developed such as softening the ground to cushion impacts) only specializing in ensuring when the magic is turned on or off.

Animal Form

Niu changes herself into a unusually large Water Buffalo, easily the size of a large car.

Time of Power

1 am to 3 am, She typically does not like fighting during this time as the magical boost makes it difficult for her to control her Crash Magic to the point where things in the nearby vicinity will be "Crashed" at random without being touched.


-In a number of variations of the Chinese Zodiac's Origin stories, the Mouse riding on the Ox's head helps it to claim the position of the first animal with the hard working yet slow witted Ox taking the 2nd spot.

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