Nokori Ikisatashi






Cyclonia/Royal Band


Babylon: Clarinet Score

Nokori Ikisatashi

Nokori is a talented young cyclon who is the clarinetist in the royal band who has the ability to utilize her clarinet in her magic.


Nokori has long blue hair down to the back of her shoulders with her fringe covering up most of her forehead and the side being in a pleat with a red baubel. She wears glasses over her emerald green eyes and she wears a white shirt with a red tie, tartan kilt and a black school blazer with the royal band badge on her left arm and the two buttons buttoned up giving her the appearance of a high school girl.


She is a sweet young cyclon who's dream ever since she was a little girl was to be a player in the royal band and is extremely kind and bubbly and even calm in battle and when she gets annoyed she'll just play a song on her clarinet and it calms her down.

Magic and Abilities

Babylon: Clarinet Score: She has the ability to use her clarinet in her magic for various purposes.

  • Lento: she plays a tune on her clarinet which affects the flow of time making it slower
  • Piano: she plays a tune that makes all other sound in the area quiet and soft
  • Accelerando: She plays a tune on her clarinet which makes the time flow speed up.
  • Con Fuoco: she plays a tune on her clarinet making the ground erupt in fire which rises in a wall of orange fire.
  • Gioioso: he plays a tune on her clarinet that makes everyone around her merry and cheery.P
  • Pesante: she plays a tune which makes an object 10 times heavier

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