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Objue Magic

Caster Magic
Subspecies Magic



Objue Magic is a Caster Magic. It allows the user to create objects, primarily dolls out of clay which can be infused with magic. It is mainly used to create little clay dolls to use with other magic, using them as mediums. It can also create other objects like large hands, stairs and boats with little to no effort.


A Subspecies of Earth Magic that deals with clay, Objue Magic allows the user to wield clay in the form of a variety of forms. The variety in formation and the ability to control clay before and after being baked gives a user of this magic a large variety of options. The clay can also absorb the souls of creatures, given enough time. This gives a summoning magic feel to the already powerful abilities.


  • Homing Objects: He fires multiple dolls of clay from in front of him like rockets and they leave behind a light blue trail of light from where they were they were launched.
  • Clay Knuckle: He punches the air causing multiple long streams of raw clay with fists on the end of them to shoot out of the ground, walls and ceiling and they rapidly pummel the enemy. The flexibility of the streams lets the user change the spells target in mid-flight, and a second before contact, it bakes. This hardens it and prevents a flop of wet clay, instead a crushing ceramic cross is formed.
  • Perilous Pillars: He causes multiple pillars of clay shoot from all surfaces he desires. They can act as balance beams or an object to pummel the enemy. The beams launch out 3,700 pounds per square inch of force, a deadly weapon.
  • Changing Art: By wrapping clay around an immobile creature, they are slowly transformed into a clay doll - known as a Shabti - which is then contracted with. The contract allows the user of the magic to perform certain actions with the Shabti, such as summoning the creature, or temporarily gaining it's powers. Each contract has specific terms and clauses that determine what can and cannot be done with the Shabti. It is possible to transfer ownership of a Shabti, but this usually requires the creation of a new contract.