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Old Seidr

Caster Magic


Barbara W. James

Old Seidr Magic: This Magic gives the user the ability to seal souls into the earth and the wood. She can not create them, but use from the environment. They can be created using wood, clay, earth and stones, and have the weakens of the material.

Barbara James

Vampiric Style: The creations of Barbara have some special feature: Absorve blood and fortify Bitter's magic to powerful levels.

  • Exit Dog: Forms a canine-like creature that has some purples lines at the entire body, and the pattern of the lines will never be equal. It bite is very strong to tear a member, and the durability depend the material that was used. the most blood it drink, brighter the lines will be. Bitter can invoke various dogs.
  • Exit Man: Is created a humanoid, that possesses some kind of speed. The traits are like the othes creations. Can create severals men too.
  • Exit Bird: Is a bird that can fly at sonic speed, and is often used to cause physical injuries than to absorve blood. Bitter usually use ten birds that have the size of a eagle.
  • Exit Squid: Is a human sized squid that can grab the target and sufocate with enormous strenght. Is imune to water and ice.
  • Exit Hive: Generate thousands of deadly wasp, that can inject the liquid form of the material, hardening the blood and kill.

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