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"Endlessly judging you."

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"Oh? No applause for the main event of the party?"
— Oliver in Melody of Chaos
Oliver Ragna
Name Oliver Ragna
Kanji オリバーラグナ
Rōmaji Oriba Raguna
Alias N/A
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Strange behavior patterns
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team Unknown
Partner None
Base of Operations Residence
Personal Status
Magic Ferrum Eques

Oliver Ragna is a popular independant mage, who is currently based in Oshibana town. Though he is also known to have strange tendencies, leaving his intentions up to question. He is actually the first major antagonist of the storyline Tales of a New Generation.


Oliver is a tall and moderately muscular man. He has spiky black hair and sports a small beard; he is a bit tanned in skin tone. Oliver wears a tailored grey suit, under that is a white dress shirt and black tie. He usually has his tie loosened for comfort. Over this ensemble is a tan trench coat, with the back of the collar slightly flipped up.


From first glance, Oliver is very calm, polite, and intuitive man. The citizens of Oshibana town have alot of respect of him; he acts accordingly with this. As said before, he is rather polite, treating all people with respect and such. He also likes to help anyone with a problem, a major reason he showed up to Oshiabana town. As he wanted to help the city with their sick and put his abilities to "use". He never seems to be come angry, as citizens note him to be so calm "it's almost unnatural". But it seems he has some strange tendencies, as he is said be up at all hours of the night. Oliver aslo has a rather strange quirk of asking people strange question, referring to it as his "great inquiry of humanity".

Oliver is rather sadistic, as he thought nothing of the deaths he caused when blowing up the right flank of the ballroom of the Hebar Estate.



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Ragna Incident Arc

Magic and Abilties

Not much yet is known about his abilities. Except that he has supposedly incredible medical magic. As he could heal many terminal patients, a testament to his prowess.