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Omniscience color edited-2




Parent Magic

Flash Raven

Parent Item

Harukaze, Rakuyo


Atrax Noctua

Omniscience (全知 Zenchi) is a Flash Raven spell utilized by Atrax Noctua.


Like Guardian's Flight, Omniscience requires the use of swords, and therefore can also be considered a Sword Magic spell. Using Flash Raven to enhance the nervous system, Atrax sees things in a slower motion. He then circles his opponent(s) at tremendous speeds, trapping them where they stand. While they are caught in the middle of his unholy speed, Atrax, slashes at them with Harukaze and Rakuyo repeatedly. The attacks are fast enough that the opponent usually doesn't even see them, and it appears as though Atrax is in multiple places at one time.

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