Oozora Takahato
761px-SS Byakuran
Name Oozora Takahato
Kanji 大空鷹鳩
Rōmaji Takahato
Race Human
Birthday 4th May
Age 20
Gender Male Male
Eyes Pale Grey
Hair White
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself, Camilla Kyutesuki, Yami Nuvola
Previous Affiliation RavenSymbol2Raven Tail Guild
Guild Mark Location Under Left Eye
Occupation Wandering Mage
Previous Occupation S-Class Mage
Team None
Partner(s) Camilla Kyutesuki, Yami Nuvola
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives None
Alias Oozora the Angel
Magic Wind Magic
Wing Magic
Light Magic
Silent Killing Magic
Speed Magic
Fire Magic
Weapons Dragon Needles

Oozora Takahato is a powerful wandering mage and travelling companion of Camilla Kyutesuki and Yami Nuvola. He is also a former S-Class Mage of the Raven Tail Guild, he still retains his mark on his face as he has his friend Leonardo Magia use his magic to make everyone think he is still a member of the guild, he states this is merely to avoid problems with the Iwan.


Oozora has short spiky white hair, along with light lilac eyes. He wears a fitting white suit complete with black bandages on the collar, waist, arms and legs. Over this he wears a purple jacket with four open parts which flap around in the wind as he flies. His most noticeable feature though is his guild tatoo which is purple in colouration and lies under his left eye. He also wears a silver ring on his right index finger, he uses it as a base for his Fire Magic


oozora is very kind and loving, complete contrast to what enemies think of him. They think of him as a winged knight with a passion for destruction, a true angel of death. He commonly laughs and tells jokes, must of which end up in him being attacked by Camilla. He is usually the member of the group who stays behind to fight an enemy and it has been rumored he can fight on par with Raven Tail's own Iwan Dreyar.


Escape the Raven Arc

Magic and Abilities

As a former S-Class mage of one of the top four dark guilds in the world, he has extreme magical power and has been nicknamed by many as an angel of death. He utilizes a variety of magic which he utilizes in many unorthodox ways.

  • Wing Magic: His most used form of magic and the primary reason he is named the angel of death, it allows him to magical grow white, angelic wings for flight. He is able to fly in high altitudes, an excellent advantage for surveillance.
  • Wind Magic He is also a powerful wind magic user, being able to cast numerous spells in rapid succession. He can also use this to assisst him in flying, creating a powerful acceleration.
  • Speed Magic: Yet another common magic he uses, he is able to move with extreme speed appearing one place and disappearing in an instant.
  • Light Magic: He has shown some talent in light magic and uses it as an alternative to burst mode.
  • Fire Magic: He has shown some skill in using fire magic to increase the lethlity of his needles and punches.
  • Silent Killing Magic: A magic he does not use as often as the others but he can move silently and undetected around the battlefield as if it were second nature to him.
  • Burst Mode: After being forcibly implanted with a Burst Lacrima he has been able to exert more magical power than ever and attain new abilities.


  • This character was based on Byakuran from Hitman Reborn

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