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Organic Link Magic
Organic Link Magic



Seitai Rinku Mahō


Caster Magic



Organic Link Magic(生体リンク魔法, Seitai Rinku Mahō) Is a Caster Magic that allows user to connect both people and magic together in certain variations. 


Similar to that of Maguilty Sense, the user begins by creating a special linking connection between either themselves or individual people to any form of magic that they have, resulting in union that binds them together so long as the connection between them stands. It has been shown that there can be positive and negative attributes to this form of connection, in some cases if a object person connected with the magic is shown to be attacked by an opponent, the end result is that the damage that would've been taken by the user is reversed back to the opponent with twice the damage. The positive aspects allow the user to enhance their own powers using this magic, often resulting in a more powerful form that they can access when it is used.


Quorra's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Shambhala (シャンバラ Shanbara)

A magic which creates a temporary magical link between a number of people, this allows one person's magic to effect everyone involved in the link without the need to touch the person, this was used by Quorra to use Ricardo's Teleportation Magic to teleport a large group of people without touching them. When being casted, this spell causes a large ying yang circle to appear under her feet, surrounded by a series of glyphs which glow with a green hue.


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