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Pergrande Tournament


The Pergrande Tournament, better known as the "Hell Tournament", is an infamous, age old mage tournament. The tournament grounds are located on the border of the Pergrande Kingdom , east of Fiore. One thing so special about it is the fact that the torunament is "neutral grounds". No matter your alignment, you are not judged; dark mages, legal mages, soldiers, mercenaries etc. It is just a deadly grand tournament of skill and power.


Since long ago, every five years the Pergrande Tournament would be held. It is a mage tournament, where mages of great power compete for the prize and some glory. The tournament is known for its' brutality, hence it's nickname. Though the stadium lies on the border of the powerful Pergrande Kingdom, it is neutral. The plot of land it resides on, is neutral gorund. Therefore no one can be arrested by forces such Militaries, Magic Council etc. So one's affiliation does not matter. Though the tournament is legendary, ironicaly not many Fiore know about it in this day and age. The tournament brings some of the most powerful young fighters to the stage, and brings many wealty investors to the stands. The comittee itself is made up of wealthy and extremely well connected men and women, with usually devious "interests". It's a high honor to win the tournament, though in this era, one's fame with usually only spread around the east part of the continent.

Latest Tournament

Notable Teams

  • Team Vista
  • Team Destroyer
  • Team Trinity Raven
  • Team Kenshin
  • Team Skull

Past Winners



Lower Employees


The prize seems to be something of huge value. The winners get one reasonable wish granted, many wishes are granted through the power of the comittee's connection.



  • This tournament is loosely based off the "Dark Tournament" from the classic manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho.

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