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Platinum Purger Magic



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Watt Blitzkrieg



Like all of the other Purger elements, Watt is able to become platinum (partially or completely). He is able to produce a limitless quantity of platinum. Watt can use the platinum in any way that he wishes, thus creating many destructive and deadly attacks. He can also use other elements that is related to platinum, such as metal and iron. Watt generally uses this magic to create various weapons. Due to being platinum, Watt has a large resistance to physical attacks.


Watt is extremely vulnerable to heat.


Basic Spells

Bushi no Ha (武士の刃 Samurai's Blade):

Shinigami no Kama (死神の鎌 Reaper's Scythe):

Nin no Chēn to Kama (忍のチェーンと鎌 Shinobi's Chain & Sickle):

Hephaestus' Hammer

Kinzoku no Seibā (金属の剣 Metal Saber):

Tetsu Ryū (鉄龍 Iron Dragon):

Hagane Uni (鋼ウニ Steel Urchin):

Senaka o Sasu (背中を刺す Stab in the Back):

Purachina no Hassha (プラチナの発射 Platinum Missile):

Advanced Spells

Saikōsai Senkan (最高裁戦艦 Supreme Battleship):

Kyodaina Sensō no Ha (巨大な戦争の刃 Giant War Blade):

Purachina no Mokushiroku (プラチナの黙示録 Platinum Apocalypse):

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