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Poison Demon Slayer Magic Is a type of Lost Magic, A type of Slayer Magic and a Demon Slayer Magic which utilizes the element of Poison.


This form of Demon Slayer Magic allows the user to attain characteristics of a Poison Demon being able of generating poison from any part of the users body even there lungs, Being able of using it in long or short range attacks or melee combat, The user is also immune to poison itself as they can consume poison without having any harm inflicted to theyre body yet the user cannot consume the poison that he himself produces from his body and spells.

The poison that is inflicted from the attacks of this Demon Slayer is much more poisonous than regular poison as once it hits a target it slowly begins to lose movements and vision slowly dying a painfull death, The poison produced from the user can also be quite acidic slowly melting away stones and rock by simply releasing it.


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