Arrival at the cave

Ultear was sitting in a cave somewhere on a distant island when a loud crash caught her attention as three mages had crashed through the ceiling: Tsukiko , Tomoe Shigetsu and Nan Koga

"Uuuuuuh what a bother, Restore!" she sighed as her eye glows silver and the ceiling becomes repaired, "who disturbs me?"

"No need to say is there" replied Nan when he creates a white magic circle in his hand and says "Rainbow Mist" creating a fine white mist which carries a diamond like powder which reflects light and Ultear simply casts a spell which bended the light into a huge raibow coloured bubble of light in the middle of the battle field and she said "this spell is called curved light, it allows me to accelerate light particles' time and create a future posibility of what the could turn out to be.

Nan's Impatience

"Come on, aaah! Gem bomb!! " Nan screamed with rage and impatience releasing multiple rainbow coloured spheres of light that hit ultear and form a huge spherical prison around her and he clicks his fingers making it explode. "Rose Shell" he shouted making the light bend around her again in the shape of a rose flower , but when it was half formed she created a silver magic circle, then said "Temporal Stasis" and silver energy surrounds nan freezing time around him and she simply walked out of the rose and said "You don't deserve my time, Spacial Misfortune" as she created a huge silver magic circle below Nan's feet as he is teleported to a cage overhanging the battlefield and she just stands and plays with her teal orb.

"That's it!" Tsukiko screamed "Single levitating" she said as yellow light engulfs Ultear and she is being levitated in the air and she creates a magic circle then said "Orb gatling" which fires hundreds of mini versions of her orbs in rapid succession, close to striking Tsuiko when...

Tomoe's Strength

Tomoe teleported in front of her and said "Arrow Reflect" and waved his arm to the side and the orbs all went in the same direction and the just sank into the ground and shot from under Ultear and into the orb again and fires another round of orbs. He said "Psychic" as he created a magic circle in front of his hand as they all become surrounded by blue light and are fired back at her knocking her out of the sky.

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