Pudge Rae
Naruto Akatsuki White
Name Pudge Rae
Race Human
Birthday December 08, X766
Age 18
Gender male
Height 5'0
Weight 7.5 stone
Eyes red
Hair ginger
Professional Status
Affiliation Neptune Guild
Occupation S-Class Mage of Neptune Guild
Previous Occupation S-Class Mage of Neptune Guild
Personal Status
Status Alive
Marital Status Single

Diamond Dragon Slayer Magic


Neptune Magic



Pudge is an S-Class of Neptune as such he is masively strong despite his youth he has never done a job that was below S-Class. Like all mebers of his guild he has learnt flight magic this is nessacery due to the fact that the head quarters is floting in the sky. He is a Dragon slayer useing Dimond dragon slayer magic.


Pudge is very small with ginger hair he is always seen in his .


cool headed but deadly when angerd. he see's the guild as his family and thinks that he must protect them with every thing he posibly can even if that means giveing his life like the first guild master did. History. Once he joind the guild he made quick progress through the ranks due to his huge level of strength. during his youth he spent most of his time in the company of the dimond dragon crystalin it was here that he learnt dragon magic that he now uses to fight with grate affect. after the dragons vanshied from the world he spent almost a year serching for crystalin it was at the end of this time when he was begining to lose faith in magic that he was foud by a previos guild master who brought him back to neptune. Due to his basic strong affinity to magic he was quikly able to learn both flight and neptune magic. to this day he has spent his time preafecting these ways and looking to find sone other new forms of magic that he can master.


Magic and Abilities

Diamond Dragon Slayer Magic.




Major Battles

Opponent Allies Outcome

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