Rage Kirin Cleanser Magic



Ikari Kirin no Kurenza Mahō


Caster Magic
Lost Magic
Kirin Cleanser Magic


Tetsu Kusanagi

Rage Kirin Cleanser Magic (怒りキリンのクレンザー魔法 Ikari Kirin no Kurenza Mahō) is a Caster Type Lost Magic and a style of Kirin Cleanser Magic that is used by Tetsu Kusanagi. Ever since he was young, Tetsu had this magic latent within him. It was then released by a mysterious mage, in turn, made a promise that when the time is right, he will have to use it to kill him. Tetsu reluctantly agreed and allowed him to do so.


Rage Kirin Cleanser magic is a negative cleanser, meaning that it boosts the user's offensive capabilities. Tetsu uses this as an enhancement for his other magical abilities. It fuels from the user's and nearby people's rage, agumenting their physical capabilities. If the amount of rage overwhelms the capacity of the user, the rage itself will manifest on the user, not only changing their physical appearance, but also make them on a raging rampage as well, attacking friend or foe. There were only a few that have mastered this state and can enter it at will. But those are only rumors.

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