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Raijin Magic



Raijin Mahō


Caster Magic


Thor Lucian

Raijin Magic (雷神魔法 Raijin Mahō) is a high levelled caster magic which was created by Thor Lucian. It is also his last resort when fighting against a powerful opponent.

Raijin Magic is literally the embodiment of Thor's own philosophies on lightning into action. In his own terms, this magic allows him to "protect his pride". The true ability of Raijin Magic is to conserve lightning and release it into a potent armor around him, similar to Oros Richards' own Lightning Armor. However the actual power of his own armor is quite different. He primarily absorbs a large amount of magical energy through the circulation of lightning throughout his nervous system, allowing him to convert all magical energy into electrical energy running throughout his body. This is done until it has been completely filled, and it releases into an immensely powerful aura of lightning magic. It completely rips his clothes due to the large amount of force. Leaving him completely shirtless. Surprisingly however, he has undeniable control over the lightning. This allows him to condense the power into a secondary "layer" of skin over his own skin, allowing him to shock any opponent that touches him. Although this only works once before dispersing. While this form is active, his lightning's power is tremendously increased, however he has no control over it and his lightning almost becomes indiscriminate over foe and ally.


Thor's Spells

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