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Raiz Shop
Raiz Shop

れいどず そぷ


Reidozu Sopu

Location Statistics
Located In

Falcana City

Controlled By

Lloyd Raiz (owner)

The Raiz Shop (れいどず そぷ Reidozu Sopu) is a Mage supply shop that is disguised as an all-purpose thrift store, run by ex-mage Lloyd Raiz in Falcana City. It also serves as a safehouse for any of Lloyd friends in times of trouble. It has several bedrooms and fully equipped bathrooms for proper living.


Training Grounds

Indoor Dojo

Raiz Shop Dojo

The indoor Dojo



  • This concept is based off the Urahara shop from Bleach.
  • Strangely enough almost no one in the city has any idea that the person who owns and runs the shop is none other than the legendary "Demon King'. Most people pass off "Mr. Raiz" as a nice man who loves to help people.

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