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Razor Thread Magic



Caster Magic


Feng Long

Razor Thread Magic (剃刀糸魔法 Kamisori'ito Mahō) is a is a Caster-type Magic utilized by Feng Long.


Razor thread uses ambient eternano particles and solidifies them to create thin threads of magical energy which hold heightened piercing power and particular endurance. When living, they were described as impossible to cut through; though Karen Nagareboshi refuted this claim with enough skill. Aside from simple threads, Feng could conjure more complex shapes by bunching up the threads together to form cloth-like apparitions or even tentacles.


  • Kandata String (カンダタ糸 Kandataito): Employing their magical energy, the user is able to quickly send out a number of threads from their fingertips which are designated the purpose of entangling or slashing the enemy, sometimes both.
  • Tempest Thread (嵐糸 Arashi'ito): Razor Thread's most powerful attack. Releasing great quantities of magical energy, the user is able to form hundreds of threads which bind together to form a net-like construction, which is further refined by Feng through several rotations to create a large drill-like object, which descends and attempts to pierce through any defense. It is strong enough to effortlessly smash through average magical defenses, and can leave most opponents dead.

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