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Reikon Roland (Rai-kon), ofter reffered to as Rei Rei or little Rei, is the youngest member of Masquerade, asside from SEAM. He is also Emilly Rosaria's current training partner and is assisting her in officially joining Masquerade.



Rei is a young and thin, prepubescent teenager with long, light brown hair; which is tied in a pony tail that extends to his lower back. He has dark green eyes, smooth skin, and usually bears a dead serious expression on his face. As for clothing, he often wears a traditional karate gi, however, as a result of not being fully developed as of yet, the gi tends to run a tad large on him. Also as a result of prepubescence, he has nearly no muscle mass, yet he is well toned for his age due to his intense training.


Rei Rei is, as stated by Talon, a training buff. He feeds off of self improvement, and many believe that he sometimes takes it too far. His training regimen strikes fear into the hearts of even some of the adult members of Masquerade. Reikon is one of those children that, maybe not externally, but internally wish to be an adult; he absolutely hates being called a child. When Emilly Rosaria did so, he threatened her life, saying that there will be a "training accident" if she calls him a kid one more time. When he isn't being called a kid, he is usually the strong, silent type.


Destiny's Silk

Magic and Abilites

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