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Requip (換装魔法(レキップ), Rekippu lit. Express Equipmentary Magic), also known as Ex-equip, is a Caster Magic and a type of Spatial Magic related to the summoning of various types of equipment.


This Magic allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension so they can easily summon it at any time, even during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat. It is said that the user summons the items from a pocket dimension; the notional place that things come from when they are needed, and where they go back to when not. The actual location of where they summon the items is very hard to determine. It contains only a few things, not because it is limited in capacity, but because that is all it is ever used for - for example, this is where the user normally summons the armor and their equipment; withdrawing things even during battle, which gives her a high level of flexibility in combat. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. Requip can be used for simple or for combat-related purposes; and the user may just choose to use it to change their clothing, capable of using it in the midst of battle. The user would often pull any items that they had collected out of nowhere and then they would just vanish without any physical means of transporting them. However, there is a limit to how much the pocket dimension can store. It is also to be noted that Requip users can mix-match any and all equipment or weapons they store in this pocket dimension.





Zizz's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Armada Spear (艦隊の槍 Kantai no Yari)

Zizz opens his cloak and then proceeds to release several speared and bladed weapons from it using his requip magic. He is able to wield these individually or as a collective mass of weaponry.



  • The curent description for this magic was written by Perchan.

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