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Revival Magic

Caster Magic/Black Magic


Frederica Furude

Revival Magic is a Forbidden form of Lost, Caster Magic which allows the user to completely revive someone from the dead which is used by black mage Frederica Furude who used it on Tamagichi's Puppets: Mezumaru, George Ecclesia and Toshiro Suiren. If the revived had possesed knowlegde of magic whilst aliove they retained it in their revived state.


Frederica's Spells

  • Jinsei o Kaesu: Frederica emits a black, magical aura from her body and then she casts an incantation. When she finishes the incantation the aura enters the body of the deceased and they are revived from the dead and Frederica is able to manipulate them.
  • Incantation:Thou has gone to the light, yet has lived thy life full with regret. I plead to thy Lord to return thy mortal into the universe of conflict, and once again stand on two feet.

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