Riddari Plieno
Riddari Plieno






Guarding Ten Tails


Hijutsu (Absorbing Hijutsu), Re-equip, Sound Magic



Riddari Plieno is one of the Guarding Ten Tails and is the sixth tail.


Riddari is an extremely mature and calm individual. He usually takes responsibility and tends to avoid violence when possible. Riddari treats those he meets (even his enemies) with modest professionalism and genuine respect.
Riddari playing his flute

Riddari using Ban

Magic and Abilities

Tensei: Tensei is Riddari's magic flute. Depending on how Riddari plays it, Tensei can produce a variety of effects.

  • Ban: Riddari plays a melody that causes the nearby environment to covered in a large amount of flames
  • Neru: Riddari plays a melody that causes all but the most powerful to fall into a deep slumber.

Hijutsu: Riddari has mastered his form of Hijutsu being able to easily employ it quickly in any given situation. Riddari's form of Hijutsu is known as Absorbing Hijutsu, which allows him to absorb the properties of anything nearby, even an incoming attack or the very air itself. His body can keep properties from one absorbed thing at a time, so if he absorbs another thing the original is overwritten.

  • Grand Inferno: This is Riddari's Hijutsu that is actiavted by absorbing fire. It allows him to make nearby objects explode and create and manipulate fire. This is also Riddari's main Hijutsu, as he also creates fire using his flute's Ban technique.
  • Soaring Skies: This is Riddari's Hijutsu that is actiavted by absorbing air. It allows him to fly and to use the wind to both slice his opponents and blow them away from him.

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