Rika Karisha
Name Rika Karisha
Kanji ピア雪イシャー
Romanji Rika Karisha
Race Human
Birthday 9th March
Age 23
Gender Female
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Eyes Brown
Hair Black
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Professional Status
Affiliation Covert Special Task Force
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Occupation Scouter
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Education Basic
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Magic Healing Magic
Sensing Magic
Barrier Magic
Explosion Magic

Rika Karisha is a powerful, yet hardly noticed scouter for the Covert Special Task Force . She is commonly partnered with Foxy Knowles as the two have shown to be quite effective in combat as a team,




Magic and Abilities

Rika's Magical fighting style is rather ingeineous, showing her potential for combat. Unlike her partner she has an almost foolproof system where she combines all of her magic, or at least two to perform even deadlier spells. Her main form of combat is sensing an enemy and then trapping them in a barrier , then she will make the inside of the barrier explode causing extreme damage to the victim or even in some cases, death.