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Rizen (上昇, Jōshō) is a powerful Caster Type Magic utilized by podarite members Alchemi and Strom.


Rizen is the podarite's signature magic which manipulates magical energy and uses the caster's own body as a medium. The tehniques are labelled with levels which work similar to Amaterasu Magic Seals because, as the number of the level rises, the more powerful the attack.


  • Doken: The first level technique of Rizen, the caster charges magical energy into their fist and fires it as a concussive blast.
  • Cyflym Doken: This is Strom's own variation of the spell. He uses his Speed Magic to rapidly fire doken blasts from his hands.
  • Cysgod Doken: Alchemi's own variation of a regular Doken, it allows him to use his Dark Summon Magic to absorb energy from the surrounding area and incorporate even more energy into his regular doken.
  • Byrstio: The second level technique which stores magical energy into the caster's body and then expels it outwards destroying everything in that small area.
  • Gweler: This is the third level technique of rizen and it causes energy to radiate from their body and it takes the form of mist which induces illusions and affects the opponent's sight.
  • Tsurugi: The fourth and most powerful technique of the rizen. It shoots energy from the caster's arm and it forms a blade which which behaves similarly to a chainsaw.

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