Roku Hoko

Vacuum Sage

Name Roku Hoko
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Race Human
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Age 72
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Eyes Red
Hair Black
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Baroque
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Partner Daime Koho
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Alias Vacuum Sage
Magic Wind Magic, Void, Mist Gaze

Roku is The Strategist for the organization Baroque and is considered on of the most intellectual mages alive. He is partenered with Daime Koho his young apprentice.



Magic and Abilities

Caster Magic User: Roku is an extremely famed user of wind magic and void. He also uses a very powerful and unstable eye magic which allows him to turn any object he gazes at into a purple mist which he spreds with his wind magic and he must keep his eye wrapped up in bandages.

  • Wind Magic: This magic allows him to completely control the wind. He is famed for combining this with his other magic such as creating an airspace and then creating a vacuum like suction within the airspace, hence his monicker.
  • Void: This is a very powerful variant of air magic which allows him to create airspaces or areas to assault enemies. This magic is also invisible.
  • Mist Gaze: By unwrapping his bandages on his face he reveals his eye whatever that eye stares at will decompose intp a purple mist which has corrosive properties. Not to be confused with Boil Vapor Magic