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Rune Magic





Artemis Reznik
Various Others
June Platter
Akari Naomi
Cornelius Vivamus
Frey Bremen
Cymbeline Abelard
Jane Wolfe
Azrael Ferin

Rune Magic (経典の魔法 Kyōten no Mahō) is a Holder-type, Letter Magic allowing the user to draw and manipulate runes.


Rune Magic, in a sense, is similar to Solid Script in that it allows for a plethora of effects through the illustration of a variety of symbols into the air through a medium or one's own magical power. However, unlike Solid Script, Rune Magic is rather antiquated in that it holds specific spells for specific purposes. It is defined into hundreds of subcategories, ancient runes, modern runes and the like. Some allow for elemental conjuration, others allow for miscellaneous effects such as teleportation. They appear to be difficult to learn, but can also function as a form of seal if used correctly, such as the ones used on Artemis Reznik.

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