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SEAM, pronounced Sam, is a Self Efficient Artificial Mage created by Sheik Loxart using Archive Maigc fifteen years ago. She is an honorary mage of Masquerade and is of S-Class level.


SEAM looks like any other 15 year old girl, with long blue hair, white skin, and blue eyes. She is seen wearing a blue and black shirt with white and blue arm bands. She also has blue shorts, blue shoes, and requipted headphones that she never takes off.


All that is known of SEAM's past, so far, is that she was created by Sheik Loxart using Archive Magic fifteen years ago.


SEAM, apparently, enjoys seing the sufferage of others. As witnessed when she chases Emilly around the guild for fifty laps. Although it is not clear whether she truly enjoys this or if it was just Emilly's situation that made her laugh. SEAM is very feisty, as well as, hard headed


Destiny's Silk

Magic and Abilities

Archive Magic

Being composed of archive magic herself, along with the entire guild, she has to ability to manipulate and travel through the physical premesiss of Masquerade through the use of SEAM's tower. She has yet to be seen using Archive Magic without the tower's power.

Requip Magic

SEAM uses a varient of requip magic she calls Digital Requip. When requiping, a blue, digital field emerses around her and she can swap in and out of cyber styled clothing, armour, and weapons which are stored in a digital space made from Archive Magic. It is unknown whether this is an "actual" varient of requip magic, a form of Archive Magic, or just an ability she has as an individual. When activating this magic, SEAM says "Activate" and the name of the armour she switches into.

Split Decission: SEAM requips a grey, full body suit made from nylon and cotton. She gains a dual toned

Split Decission

cybernetic armor with with some gold and silver trimming. Her leg armour resembles spiked stilt walkers with scissor-like blades on her knees. The shoulder armour is attached to her chest by gold pieces connected to a center piece pressed against the top of her breasts; which has a purple magic aura resonating within it. On her right arm, she gains a long, rectangular cannon with several magic laces wrapped around it. On her left elbow, SEAM can release two semi-transparent, blue and red blades from the armour piece. Her hair, apart from the front strands, become red and her headphones became spiked outward and dual toned. The abilities of this armour have yet to be revealed.


Split Decision is based off of Deoxys from Pokemon

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