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Sabertooth's Troublesome Pair
Chapter Details
Series Sabertooth: An Untold Story
Chapter #1
Writer(s) MeredyJuvia Lover
Air Date December 23rd, 2011
The Dark Guild, Tartaros

The Power of The Witch and the Monk

It was a quiet day in the desert city of Vert, where a round building stood before a young, orange haired girl, carrying a broomstick and a young, bald boy wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a black hakama. She tried to contain her laughing as the bald boy scolded her. She eventually released a loud, echoing laughter. The noise and commotion inside had stopped and the girl did as well.

She raised her broomstick and pointed the brush part at the wall, "Flying Stinger" she screamed and an orange magical seal appeared before it and thousands of needles burst from it, leaving a large, gaping hole in the yellow wall.

Inside their were numerous large men and several women at a bar and playing snooker in the room. Their facial expressions were rather grim to their visitor, several of them cracked their knuckles and necks as a sign that they were ready for a fight. The boy turned to his companion and said "Oh Cassandra you seem to have upset the trash," She simply laughed again and threw her broomstick on her shoulders.

A woman appeared and shouted "Hey brats! You've disturbed our fun, are you prepared to pay the price for annoying the 16th most powerful dark guild in the world?! Valentine Skorpius!" She then smirked and levitated several forks and knives from dining tables around the room. "Harmful Shanty!" and they flew towards the two, moving so fast that they appeared as blue flashes of light.

Cassandra grabbed her broomstick once more and swiped the deadly cutlery away. "Huh *Laughs again* Levitation Magic is useless against us, isn't that right? Yamato?" At this mere comment everyone lunged at the troublesome pair, which ended in a dog pile.Inside, Yamato smiled and whispered "Dune Break" and a huge pillar of sand erupted from his body, blasting all away.

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