Sadtrist is a member of Arkaeus' Church of Darkness and one of the Seven Black Saints.


Sadtrist was originally a Captain in the Fiore Royal Military. One day, on a mission with his unit Sadtrist met Arkaeus. Intruiged by Arkaeus' powers Sadtrist asked to join him. Arkaeus gave Sadtrist a mission to do: to slaughter his own men. Sadtrist did it enjoying their screams, and has been with Arkaeus ever since.




Sadtrist is an extremely sadistic person and takes pleasure in inflicting as much pain in people as possible, as Sadtrist enjoyed it when he killed his men in the military.

Magic and Abilities

Sadtrist uses a special form of magic known as Dimension Body. This magic allows Sadtrist to separate his limbs for long range attacks, and as such Sadtrist is immune to attacks from blades, but vulnerable to blunt force. Sadtrist is still connected to his detached limbs and can feel any damage inflicted on them while detached

Punch Missle: Sadtrist uses his magic to launch his fist at an opponent. Sadtrist's fist, once launched, is surronded by a magical aura allowing the impact of his fist to cause a lot of damage at the same time protecting his fist from harm.

Dimension Force: Sadtrist's magic also allows him to create small portals in front of him that he then punches or kicks into. His limbs then come out of an adjoined portal near his opponent allowing him to attack them from all angles. Sadtrist can also use this spell to teleport short distances.

Sealing Magic: Sadtrist is also highly skilled at sealing magic

Fantasma: Like all members of the Black Saints, Sadtrist was given a small amount of Fantasma's power that both increases his ordinary powers exponentially and gives him the ability to harm the spirits summoned from the Sword of Purgatory, currently in Cue's possession.