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Saya Haipan is a brilliant scientist who is known for her randomness and appearing out of nowhere.


She has purple eyes, long purple hair that extends to her hips and is often seen wearing a frilly maid like blue and white dress along with a set of robotic rabbit ears that can move on their own depending on Saya's mood. It's like she's trying to play both Alice and the Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland.


Much to everybody's surprise, Saya is a very energetic person and runs around like a happy child. She often refers
Saya cheerful
herself as "Saya the Genius", hinting to a sense of cockiness. She is very fond of the people she loves and would hug them as many times as she feels like. She states that there are few people in the world that have any meaning to her and the rest of the humans are the same to her (she can't identify one human from another). She even has no problem giving these few special people whatever they need, regardless of what they've done,what their reason may be or even who their with.  

Her explosive entrances and her childish manners often results in her being hit on the head by people but she recovers extremely fast and gets energetic again. Saya also has a more often than not tendency to act slightly lecherously. This perverted side of hers is also one of the reasons why people tend to become very annoyed with her. She also has little sense of responsibility for what she does or what her creations cause.

She has the comical tendency, befitting of her childish personality, to manipulate the concept of things falling out of the sky often. More than once, has jumped distances or landed at speeds far exceeding the human tolerance limit. While it is mostly exaggeration, times where she has done that have not been few and far in between. This may imply that she has fairly high physical endurance and that she doesn't have a weak heart. She can, rather, be fearless and confident when it comes to some things. 

Although she sometimes acts like a child, her intelligence is at the top of the world and can work at a very fast rate, such as adjusting the most complicated of equipment in less than a minute She also seems to enjoy watching event happen around her creations, sometimes even playing as a influence in them, although she won't directly interfere with them, even when she could. This suggest that she perfers to observe events than stop them.




Requip: Saya often uses this magic to summon her inventions, weapons, and tools. When it comes to weapons, Saya might go a bit overboard and summon too many and/or too powerful weapons.
Saya summons missile launcher

Saya using Requip