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Sealing Fist



Ken o Fūji


Caster Magic

Sealing Fist (拳封止, Ken o Fūji) is a Caster Type Martial Art which is utilised by unnamed practitioners.


Sealing Fist is a specific branch of Sealing Magic directed solely towards the sealing of one's own magical power. Achieved through a variety of different martial arts schools, similar to those such as Baguazhang, a famous practice of martial arts that focuses greatly on rotations and palm strikes. However, these simple rotations and palm strikes are imbued with a specific amount of magical energy, finely controlled to create a small, continuous rotation of magical energy in the said stance. Whenever striking an opponent, the practitioner doesn't necessarily "seal" magical energy, but rather, disables it completely. This is a result of the impact of the strike itself. Once making contact with the victim, magical energy running through that part of the body, and the user's own magical energy collide. Due to the higher rotational force of the user's own magical energy, it overwhelms it and causes it to disperse, thus causing a large amount of pain and reduction in magical power. Continuous beatings from these palm strikes can be dangerous to the victim. It should be noted, that concentration is needed for this style, as well as continuous training, as without it, one can easily lose focus, and thus, cause the style to essentially not work at all.


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