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Selena Ukia
Selena Ukia










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Unusual Features

Obsessed with the idea of marrying Sanjo

Selena Ukia is a young woman and an heiress of the rich Ukia Family. She is an old friend of both Sanjo Vista and Lana Kaen. She is in love with Sanjo, and will do anything to marry him(though he shows no interest). Her family holds ties to the House of Vista.


Selena is seen as beautiful by all men, often seen as the most beautiful debutante of high society. It's due to this that all the young men make an effort to marry her, but are turned down. She has reddish hair which she wears in a unique style. Selena has green eyes and pale skin; a rather large bust. She sports rather seductive attire at times. Such as black top resembling a more modest version of a corset with a black skirt. Also she has long dark stocking gloves and wears a neckband decorated with a rose.


Snippy and selfish, Selena is a girl who wants to get what she want; when she wants it. Many young men of high society see her as the epitome of noble beauty, and make passes at her all the time. Despite the large number of suitors she has, she turns them down all the time. Only one man interests her, since her young years, is Sanjo Vista, a famous mage and member of the Vista family. She sees him as a great combination, family name and an attractive person. But he does not see her in the same light. Selena shows him her soft side, so to speak. Also Selena thinks little of lower nobles or commoners who annoy her, such as Lana Kaen whom Selena sees as her rival in love for Sanjo. Selena seems to want more out of life, though she does not really act on this desire.



A Team Sets Out:Unfolding the Truth


  • Despite her infatuation with Sanjo, he does not desire to marry her.

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