Sengoku Orichiba
Name Sengoku Orichiba
Kanji 戦国折り千葉
Romanji Sengoku orichiba
Race Human
Birthday 11th November
Age 39
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Blood Type A+
Unusual Features Red Eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Honeybee Guild
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Occupation Guild Master
Previous Occupation S-Class Mage
Personal Status
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Magic Copy Eye, Illusion Magic, Fire Magic, Maximum Defense Seal, Celestial Spirits
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Sengoku Orichiba The Red Eye is the Guild Master of the Honeybee Guild and a major supporting character in the storyline Fairy Tail: Golden Hive . He has shown to be known throughout Earthland as Red Eye due to his unusual eye colour and eye magic . He has been shown to deeply care about the guild and frequently has the magic council knocking at the doors of the guild delivering damage bills, much to his entertainment showing similarity to Makarov.




Magic and Abilities


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