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Seven Primordia Mages


Located In

Earth Land

The Seven Primordia Wizards are an unofficial group of Unorthodox Mages whose powers and skills could rival those of the Ten Wizard Saints. In order for an Unorthodox Mage to achieve this title, that Mage would have to be a "True Unorthodox Mage," and therefore hold some form of Lost Magic, and prove him/herself to have an immense amount of magical power, so much so, that it's on par with a Wizard Saint.


The Seven Primordia Mages have a notorious reputation due to the fact that they are Unorthodox Mages. Their powers are well known but feared amidst the continent. A member of the Seven Primordia Mages can defeat several waves of Mages with ease, as shown when Atrax barges into the Gargoyle's Wing Guild building and quickly defeats all the members who are in the guild's mess hall. It is apparent that the strongest members of the Seven Primordia Mages consist of Atrax Noctua and Masson Yaju, whose very presences are stated to increase the air pressure to a point where it feels almost suffocating.


Each member of the Primordia Mages represents a primeval element of the Universe, as well as the beast that is reflective of that element. As of now, only three Primordia Mages have been revealed.


The Seven Primordia Mages were only recently formed. The strangest thing is that a non-member, Ennoia Phroneo, unintentionally gave them the name when the mages came together for the first time. This was at the time when Phaios Noctua was beginning to launch his plans of rebellion against, not only Fiore, but the entire continent.

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