Shaun Dakota
Name Shaun Dakota
Kanji ショーンダコタ
Rōmaji Dakota Shōn
Race Human
Birthday 6 December
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Black (Left Eye) Grey (Right Eye)
Hair white
Unusual Features Different eye colors
Professional Status
Affiliation Neptune Guild
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Neptune Guild
Personal Status
Relatives Tesla Dakota (Older Brother)

Lazard (Foster Father)

Marital Status Single
Alias "White Dragon"
Magic Smoke Dragon Slayer Magic

Water Magic

Fire Magic


Shaun Dakota Is a member of the Neptune Guild, The younger brother of Tesla Dakota and the Smoke Dragon Slayer, He learned his magic from a real dragon called Lazard


Shaun has short white hair , He has two different eye colors his left eye is black while his right one is grey, He wears a grey shirt with short sleeves, A white jacket with pockets, Black pants and sandals.

He often has cigarettes in his pocket which he smokes on his free time.


Shaun is calm and kind person, He often sleeps in early times in the morning and refuses to wake up, That is probably because he has sleeping problems at night as a result of that he is mostly tired in the morning to the afternoon.

He is also fair in fights as its seen that even though smoke can replenish his powers he doesnt use any of the cigarettes in his pocket in battle because he says that would mean hes cheating and not being fair, Yet if his opponent does cheat in the battle he will use smoke from a cigarette.

Even though Shaun does have cigarettes he only smokes once a day even though it doesnt harm him, He doesnt always carry cigarettes with him, Sometimes he forgets about it or runs out and decides to buy some later, Yet Shaun forgets things easily when not paying attention or trying to pay attention.

Same as Gajeel, Shaun also gets depressed sometimes about being a dragon slayer without a cat even though he doesnt know that there called Exceeds or that they come from Extalia that is located within Edolas.

Magic and Abilities

Smoke Dragon Slayer Magic: Shaun is the Smoke Dragon Slayer giving him the ability to use and turn into smoke, Also being able of consuming smoke and replenishing his powers.

Water Magic: Shaun uses water magic and is very good with it, Yet he doesnt use it alot.

Fire Magic: Shaun doesnt usually use his fire magic in battle but mostly to light his cigarette, Yet he has great use with it

Crash: Even though he has a powerfull type of magic as Crash, Shaun doesnt use it much only on occasions where he would need it to help him in where his other magic wont.

Immense Strength: Shauns strength is immensly strong as he can lift a large boulder with one hand, He can also stop a person with only one finger and throw them aside as he was shown to be against some enemies.

High Speed: Shaun uses High Speed to increase his speed whenever he might need it.

Immense Magic Power: Shauns magic power is incredibly powerfull as once he releases it he can cause alot of destruction to his suroundings without meaning too.

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