Name Shikaku Mononofu
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romanji {{{romanji}}}
Race Human
Birthday January 7, 1995
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 160lb
Eyes black
Hair Black
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation none
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation "The Five Ookami"
Previous Occupation Police Commander
Team "The Fice Ookami"
Previous Team none
Partner none
Previous Partner none
Base of Operations Unkown
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Buke Mononofu (Older brother)
Education Unkown
Alias none
Magic Living Wind Magic

Shikaku Mononofu is an S class mage and the captain of "The Five Ookami". He is Buke Mononofu's younger brother.


Shikaku grew up with his grandfather, however, left at a very young age for reasons unknown. Not much else is known about his past, except that he was given the highest possible rank in the police force at the age of 14 and just recently became the head of "The Five Ookami".


Shikaku is 16 years old. He has long black hair and wears his favorite black jacket and pants with black gloves and wields his two samurai swords on his left him. He enforces the law to the fullest extent and is loyal to his country and even moreso his friends in "The Five Ookami". Shikaku is the strong silent type. He is an intellectual thinker which gives him the edge over most in battle.

Magic and Abilities

Shikaku is a swordsman, like his older brother. His physical prowess is scarcely above average. His fighting style usually involves either torturing opponents or providing one hit finishing blows using Batoujutsu, sword drawing techniques. His sword drawing skills are the quickest. Shikaku utilizes a god slayer magic called "Living Wind". This magic utilizes three specific gases in the air: Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

Batoujutsu- Shikaku's sword drawing techniques are the fastest.

-First Strike: a sword drawing technique that tortures the opponent by slicing the surface of their skin 50 times in an instant. All the opponent sees is Shikaku slowly unsheathing his sword while they are getting bombarded with light cuts.

Living Wind Magic- with the elements listed above, he uses spells that pressurize air to make invisible walls as shields. He also wraps long or wide streams of spiraling wind around his swords. His magics are all about slicing and stabbing. He also creates tornadoes along with pressurizing carbon to make diamonds. He can make the edge of his swords covered in a sheet of diamonds by swinging it at a high speed causing the carbon gases on it to pressurize.

-Shattering Wind: Shikaku makes whirlwinds with his sword that are carrying shards of diamond. He launches the winds and it cuts nearly anything in its path.

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