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Shikigami Conversion Spell
Shikigami Conversion Spell



Shikigami Henkan no Jutsu

Parent Magic

Ceremonial Manifestation Magic



The Shikigami Conversion Spell (式神変換の術, Shikigami Henkan no Jutsu) is a spell deriving from Ceremonial Manifestation Magic that provides the Summoner with the capability of converting a living being (such as an animal or a human) into a Shikigami, which is eternally contracted to them unless transferred to somebody else or the Summoner is deceased.


The spell itself is a rather lengthy process, one which requires a lot of time, patience and control to enact properly. The requirements to utilize the spell are few: the user and recipient must have consented to the conversion to the Shikigami, the user must have sufficient magical power to utilize the spell, the recipient must be completely still when the spell is being utilized. When these three requirements are confirmed, the user may begin the lengthy process of the spell being cast.

Firstly, the user must utilize their own magic, which is transferred to their fingers, and write an inscription at any area of the body the recipient wishes to have their Shikigami Inscription (式神碑文, Shikigami Hibun) placed on. This mark generally takes the appearance of the clan symbol of the Summoner, or anything that they desire at the given moment. When this inscription is complete, the Summoner cuts their own finger and begins to write numerous rune-like etchings surrounding the marking that they have inscribed onto the recipient. By utilizing one's own blood, the Summoner and Shikigami create a magical connection to one another. This connection is cemented upon the blood flowing into the openings of the recipient's body created by the Shikigami Inscription. Once this is filled with blood, the ritual is completed by the physical body of the recipient being abandoned, in favor for a magically-forged body created by a combination of the recipient's and user's magical powers.

Once completed, most generally go to the Abe Clan as a means to forge specifically designed Ofuda which the Shikigami may be sealed in. During this time, the Shikigami stays with the Summoner, so that they aren't lost in the Shikigami World without a means to come back to Earth Land.