The Devil's Tail
Name Shin Kojibiashi
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Race Human
Birthday 28th September
Age 36
Gender Male
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Eyes Red
Hair Black
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Professional Status
Affiliation Kojibiashji Family, Seven Weapon Mages
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Personal Status
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Alias The Devil's Tail
Magic Whip Magic, Lengthening Magic, Fire Magic

Shin Kojibiashi, or also known by his monicker The Devil's Tail which he was given for his mastery of his whip is the Seventeenth Head of the Kojibiashi Family. His skill in whip mastery also gained him a place in the Seven Weapon Mages .


Like his his wife he doesn't appear as a noble as he has scruffy black hair, red eyes and he wears a dark brown robe which is tied with a Black sash and wooden sandals. Also he wears his whip on the left side of his waist and he wears a golden wedding ring on his left ring finger.


He also doesn't behave like most nobles as he is laid back, easy going and carefree most of the time but can also take a serious attitude towards some things like school or training but in battle he retains his usual carefree attitude and he will often underestimate opponents but still defeat them usually without even having to use magic.


Searching for the Flower, The Power of Valliere

Magic and Abilities

Shin is a very experienced and capable mage and is the leader of his Family and the Seven Weapon Mages

  • Whip Magic : He has the ability to magically alter the properties of his whip in various ways such as giving it spikes at the end, like a mace, turning the tip into a serpent's head and even make it come together like a barrier etc.
  • Fire Magic: He is also an adept user of fre magic but usually only uses it for setting his whip on fire to further increase lethality. He also uses this to set alight candles at the dinner table.
  • Lengthening Magic : He is also skilled in using this magic which allows him to increase the length of anything he wishes eg his whip.


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